Download yo whatsapp latest version Jan 2020| Yo WhatsApp v9.50

Download Yo WhatsApp latest version v9.50: Yo WhatsApp is an Official WhatsApp Messenger's modified version. This app was developed by Yousef and it often get updated by him. But from some time he stopped developing Yo WhatsApp. And by now Download Yo WhatsApp latest version is developing by Fouad Mokdad who was the developer of FM WhatsApp.

Fouad Mokdad took permission from the Yo WhatsApp developer Yousef and developing Yo WhatsApp. People getting unlimited access over WhatsApp by Download Yo WhatsApp latest version v9.0 in their smartphones. Subscribe to our website to get notified when Yo WhatsApp latest version download link is available.

Yo WhatsApp is one of the popular MODED version of Official WhatsApp Messenger app. After the few months of it's release this Yo WhatsApp get populated. Yo WhatsApp is the advanced version of Official WhatsApp Messenger app to fullfill the needs of people. It is absolutely free and 100% safe to Download Yo WhatsApp latest version a similar app such as GB WhatsApp. We are going to give you the Yo WhatsApp latest version download link here in this post.

Yo WhatsApp APK download

Now a days many people are searching for mod apks than the Original one's because of their cool features, flexibility, full access over the app. So many developers such as Yousef-Al-Basha are Modify the Original versions of it by adding new extra features that may come in future updates of the Official one.

Some of such apps when it comes to WhatsApp are GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp transparent etc..,are available to download.

Here in this website you can download Yo WhatsApp latest version.

Yousef-Al-Basha the developer of YO WhatsApp had released the the modded versions of it which makes Yo WhatsApp give completion to the Other modded versions.
The app developer is keeping updating the Yo WhatsApp whenever the Official WhatsApp gets updated in Play Store. You can download Yo WhatsApp latest version from this site by clicking the download button given below.

Yo WhatsApp is also known as YOWA. Millions of people download Yo WhatsApp latest version in their smartphones and it is keep updating from a long time. People who download Yo WhatsApp earlier had experienced many bugs, glitches, and poor performance of Yo WhatsApp. So the developer had updated the Yo WhatsApp such that it is bug free, without glitches and with best performance. So we decided to give download link of Yo WhatsApp latest version.
This app is absolutely free, without any adware, malware, spyware, and this Yo WhatsApp latest version download link is 💯% safe. You can download Yo WhatsApp latest version and experience some of the best features.

Yo WhatsApp latest version download 2020 

Download Yo WhatsApp latest version

Yo WhatsApp download APK

Yo can download Yo WhatsApp latest version from the above given link. 
WhatsApp Messenger is using since a long time because of its reliability, simplicity and it's features. It's instant messaging service made it a perfect Messenger app. On our daily usage one of the most using app is WhatsApp and we can not live without it. We use WhatsApp Messenger app for sending text, images, videos, locations even DOCs etc. The YO WhatsApp latest version download link is developed by the developer right now a days too. The Official WhatsApp are kept in this Yo WhatsApp latest version and also some cool features that never come to WhatsApp. So Without waisting time "download Yo WhatsApp latest version" now.
WhatsApp a messager app gives many features for the users but when it comes to privacy and security WhatsApp never given a major update. But YO WhatsApp rolls many features for users privacy and security along with more features. Customisation, Changing Styles, Giving tons of free Themes, Providing App lock, Hiding Last seen, locking Conversations, giving better Privacy, making it Anti-Ban with 100% pure and safe Yo WhatsApp latest version APK and even more features made it to download YO WhatsApp latest version than the Other mods of the WhatsApp Messenger apps.

Yo WhatsApp latest version features 2020


Yo WhatsApp provides not only freedom for customisation of the interface of the app but also conversation screen, Home Screen, and even more with download Yo WhatsApp latest will get a huge collection of themes to make Yo WhatsApp latest version download look unique Frome the other modified versions of WhatsApp downloaded. You can customise many things to make your Yo WhatsApp latest version look alike from the Other WhatsApps of your friends. Make sure it to share to your friends and family members such that they too download Yo WhatsApp latest version in their Android and IOS mobile phones. Isn't it seems good? Download Yo WhatsApp latest version now. 
Not only Customisation you can do many things as follow
  • Customise The Conversation Screen & The Home Screen:
Yo WhatsApp latest version allows you full rights over your Yo WhatsApp APK. You can customise your Home Screen and Conversation Screen as you like. You can take completion action through out the Yo WhatsApp latest version APK of different elements. You can Change the unread messages colour, changing the colour of the Tab of your Yo WhatsApp, Tab background colour, Undead Message's text Colour, Changing Colour of your Page title Colour, etc…, Isn't it seems better, Download Yo WhatsApp latest version Frome the given download link now.
  • Yo WhatsApp's Yo Theme store:
Have you got bored by using similar themes in your WhatsApp Messenger app? Here by Yo WhatsApp latest version download you can get YoThemes Store where you get tons of cool and awesome themes at one place. Get more than 5000 plus themes available for free to apply. Isn't it a great feature? Download Yo WhatsApp latest version and Customise your Themes now.

Interesting features of Yo WhatsApp latest version:

WhatsApp mods are the best when it comes to privacy and security. For the user's aspects over privacy YO WhatsApp latest version designed in such a way such that it will one no other mods provide. Now a days the most important thing when it comes to electronics gadgets especially which connects with internet or WiFi. So Yo WhatsApp provides Secure you and your data very privately. No other people can sneak into their life. They never knows whether you saw the message sent by your friends, they never knows that you saw their status, whatever may be your data is kept private by Yo WhatsApp latest version. Download it now.
  1. Hide Status view:
By this feature yo can hide your view of status in Yo WhatsApp APK. Your friends can not able know that your status view list. This feature will let you to see your friend's status, still they don't know that you saw.
  1. Anti-Delete status:
In yo whatsapp by this feature you can watch your friends video status even if he had deleted it. Isn't it cool?
  1. Anti-Delete Message:
If your friend deleted some message that he had sent for you, you can't read it and it shows that this message was Deleted. So by using YO WhatsApp latest version you can even able to read such a message that was Deleted by your friend. Try it now and explore all the other features of latest version of Yo WhatsApp.
  1. Freeze The Last Seen :
Yes, as it sounds by enabling this feature in your latest version of Yo WhatsApp 2020 you can freeze The Last Seen such that your last seen will never knows to your friends.
  1. Show blue Ticks After Your Reply:
This is the one of the best feature that I liked in Yo WhatsApp i.e your friends won't get blue Ticks for them that whom your Chat unless you reply the message that was sent by your friend. This feature works for the one who were busy of any work and don't have enough time for them to reply Message to them. Will this feature will come to Official WhatsApp?
I think no.
So I suggest you to replace your Official WhatsApp with Yo WhatsApp latest version download ing.

Some Other Interesting Features of Yo WhatsApp latest version

  • Send 10 plus images at the same Time:
Yes, in Official one WhatsApp will not allow you to send more that the ten images. But in WhatsApp modified version i.e Yo WhatsApp it will let you to sent more that 10 images at the same time. Isn't this feature seems helpful.
  • Send images in Full Resolution:
The images or Videos that we receive are always troubles us since the Images that we receive from our friends are not as quality as the send. To overcome this Troubleshoot Yo WhatsApp developer Yousef made his app users to send images with the full resolution of Image. So now the images that you send or that you recieve are of their Original Resolution. Now by Yo WhatsApp latest version you can send Images of as much as 18 MB and the image resolution will not be reduced any more. This feature will be helpful for those who use their WhatsApp for sending Images. Unlock more features by Download Yo WhatsApp latest version.
  • Yo WhatsApp locker :
By now your problem for WhatsApp App locker had been solved. Now your no need to download App lockers from Play Store any more.the Messages that you receive that meant for you and for no one others should not meant. So the Messages, images, videos, locations etc are not watched by anyone no more. This will keep you safe and will let you to enjoy your Privacy.

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