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Introduction to WhatsApp App

WhatsApp is the most popular massaging application, it is available at free of cost. WhatsApp Messenger is the one of the most downloaded app in the world. WhatsApp Plus apk is the modified version of official app, which we can't download from the official app stores. You may know that WhatsApp is the instant massaging application which is available for the users on running Android, Ios and other operating systems. Unlike WhatsApp Plus , Official WhatsApp application is owed by the company Facebook, is everyone know about it.
It is the most popular instant massaging app is over 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Nowadays Every Smartphone user must have the application nothing but WhatsApp, Whether the application installed on Android or iOS or KaiOs or any other operating system. Every Smartphone must and should needed application. Because the WhatsApp application Allows the users to send Text Massages and voice massages. It also allows users to make voice calls and video calls, it often allows the users to send different types of media files. Media files means it allows to send image files, videos, document files, send location what you want and other media files. The application not only available for Android, also available for different types of operating systems like Symbian, Java, KaiOs and other OS's. 

The WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Plus Apk are often used by the desktop users. The desktop users to use WhatsApp on windows or other OS's, they must have QR code which is available at WhatsApp Web on your WhatsApp Application. WhatsApp Inc also Provides WhatsApp Business app for Business purpose. WhatsApp Application initially released on Jan 2009.

Introduction to WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

As earlier we have discussed about Official WhatsApp Messenger, Now the time for WhatsApp plus app. WhatsApp play app is the most popular massaging modded application, which is also known best alternative application for official WhatsApp. In the previous posts we have given you a download link for GbWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus is also same like GbWhatsApp app, it is most popular app as GbWhatsApp. In today's article at GbMods, iam sharing all the details, how to download WhatsApp plus apk 2020, what is the WhatsApp plus latest version, below is the WhatsApp plus download button and most of the doubts I will clear in this article.

If you are searching for WhatsApp plus apk 2020 then you are at the right place. This is the site where you can download WhatsApp plus 2020 Apk from the below link. GbMods offers you to download different types of mods like GbWhatsApp apk, WhatsApp plus, Yo WhatsApp Apk, and more mods like kinemaster pro Apk and Subway surfers. Download those all the mods from this site without wasting your time.

Most of the people might have heard about WhatsApp plus apk that WhatsApp plus has no more working. Still Waplus is working. WhatsApp plus app offers their users to use the fully activated features, because the features of WhatsApp plus are more superb, we can't get these features in other mods that's why the application is more popular.The features of WhatsApp plus apk are cool, you might have heard those features. However in today's article we will discuss and understand the features WhatsApp plus apk download.

WhatsApp plus app comes with lots of amazing options which we can't see anymore in offical one. Those features like you can hide your last seen, hide blue ticks, hide writing status, hide recording status, option to always online, you can customise WhatsApp plus launcher Icon, notification icons, chat screen customisation, ability to translate msgs in the various languages and many features will discuss at the bottom of the article. However you can use two WhatsApp accounts at time or you can use two WhatsApp apps on the same device by using WhatsApp plus apk.

WhatsApp plus Apk Information

About Whatsapp Plus Apk :
App Name : WhatsApp Plus
App Size : 
App Version : 8.25
Format : .Apk
Min Android : 4.2+

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

What's New In WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

  1. New Base Updated to 2.19.xx
  2. Added New Emojis
  3. Added New Notification Icons
  4. Added New options

All New Features of Latest WhatsApp Plus version

  • Ability to hide last seen for your contacts, people can't see your last seen
  • Ability to hide blue ticks, your friends didn't get blue tick anymore
  • Ability to hide Second tick also, your friends didn't get second tick anymore
  • Ability to hide writing status of your WhatsApp plus, you can hide your typing status to your friends
  • Ability to hide your blue microphone
  • DND Mode is available, you can disable incoming and outgoing calls and messages by enabling this option
  • Ability to send original Image files without losing quality, send image with original quality
  • Option to set always online, you can always online but it consumes more battery
  • Option to set lot of themes for you chats or conversation screen
  • Ability to add WhatsApp plus Groups description, available in default
  • Ability to set auto reply for your friends, this is more useful at business groups
  • You can add more and more wallpaper for your WhatsApp chats screen or conversation screen
  • Ability to customise chat screen, with this you can customise as you want and what you like
  • Different types of wallpapers are available and you can download and set any wallpaper you want
  • WhatsApp plus apk also provides you Cleaner option as inbuilt, you can filter and clean chats as you want
  • Set your WhatsApp status Images at high quality by means you can upload high quality images as you story or status
  • Option to set massage schedule, you can schedule massages as per your time
  • Ability to lock your WhatsApp plus application, this option is available as default
  • With this option you don't need to download any third party app locker to protect your chats
  • Ability to  see your logs and activities of your friends also
  • Ability to take a full backup of your WhatsApp chat history and also has restore option
  • Ability to manage group admins
  • Ability to access group setting
  • Video call support added
  • Option to set different types of notification icons, lot of icons are available
  • Option to set launcher Icon, lots of icons are there
  • Ability to copy someone's status, you can their status and paste where you want
  • You can swipe up to lock recording
  • Option to play videos on your custom video player
  • No more forward tag, this means you can hide forwarded Tag at forwarded msgs
  • Increased chat pin , only 3 or 5 available at official WhatsApp
  • Increased forward massages limit, no more limit to send massages at once.

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