Amp blogger template : Load Faster to Boost Your SEO 

AMP( Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project which is developed by Google. Amp is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Amp is an open source HTML Project to improve loading speed on mobile devices. Amp is used to open web pages faster in mobile devices, it is cached by CDN.

As we know that blogger is one of the best platforms to one who wants to develop a blog or website with premium looking. Blogger is a product and is owned by Google. Its dashboard is very simple and has a lot of options, as it is a product from google, we don't have to pay any small amount of money to create a blog, it is fully free of cost.

So most of the blogger's who came into blogging, they prefer to choose blogger because it is free of cost. So, if you are searching for the best AMP Blogger Themes or templates, then you are at the right place. In this article we will share with you all Best blogger amp templates for free. So without wasting any time, let's dive into the topic.

List of Best amp blogger Templates 

As I told you earlier, amp is a project and is developed by Google. It is used to load any type of webpages to load faster by the help of CDN.

1 . Infinite AMP

Infinite AMP is a blogger template, itb loads very fast and the look of this template is very simple and premium looking. It is also SEO friendly, as the name of the theme tells that this theme is purely Amp. For blogger who want to use an Amp template on their blogger blog, then this is the best amp blogger template. It comes with two columns, breadcrumbs, popup search menu, three column bottom menu and more.

2. MD Camp AMP Template

As coming to amp blogger templates, it is also one of the best amp blogger template with lots of Customisations. The loading speed this template faster and this theme is optimised for seo also. This is also one of the best themes for blogger who want to implement amp on their templates. As it comes with the main menu, two columns layout, also has sidebar column layout. 

3. Vletters Blogger AMP Template

Vletters AMP Blogger template is the most popular Amp theme for bloggers, as it is optimised for both SEO and Amp. With this template you can increase your blogger ranking that you can't imagine. As I mentioned that this theme is one of the best amp blogger themes, and it looks amazing as you can also see the preview from the link below.

4. NoName AMP Blogger theme

NoName AMP is also one of the best blogger theme, it is optimised with Latest coding and it comes with Fast loading. It is a fully responsive premium blogger template, it comes with a main menu, has two columns etc. You can see the preview by clicking below button

5. The AMP theme of blogger

The AMP theme is one the amp theme, it loads web pages fast in mobile devices, the name of the themes shows that it is the purely amp for blogger template. As you can see the preview of the AMP theme from the below link.

The Conclusion 

So in this article, I have shared the best amp blogger templates, as you can see those live previews by clicking the preview button on each theme end. So these are the templates that come with premium looking and these themes can increase your blog speed and also your rank. For the personal test, I have previously used Infinite Amp, and as a result it boosts my site speed that I can't imagine. In my case, when I used this theme, it increased my blog rank upto 10+ in serp results.

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