Best apps for bloggers in 2020 :
Are you looking for the best android apps for bloggers such as small blog run owners or who want to run blogs on their smartphone, then here is the article where I am providing you the best apps for bloggers to do blogging simply from their Smartphone.

Here I want to tell you a brief description about blogging, when we think about how to get popular in online or to share your knowledge with others or something you want to earn money by sharing your knowledge then blogging is the best way.

Importance of Apps 

Before we are going to know what are the best apps for bloggers, we have to know some information regarding why apps are important for bloggers, so here I will share my knowledge with you on the importance of Apps in blogging.

Some of the people use desktops to do blogging , others some people use laptops to do blogging, and some poor people they want to do blogging with their Smartphone. So, here is the important thing is that we can't always take our laptop, and it is not possible to take desktops to some places, so we can always take our Smartphones to those places, so this is the main reason for Smartphones. 

Smartphone are made life easier, with the apps we can do amazings. here when we talk to blogging, our Smartphone is always with us, so when we are not near at pc or someone doesn't have a PC ,they can do blogging with their Smartphone. When we want to update our post, want to change, want to write articles, reply to comments, updating anything in blog without pc is possible with our Smartphone. So without wasting of time let's dive into the topic : " Best apps for bloggers"

List of Best Apps For Bloggers to do Blogging easily 

Here I am sharing the most popular apps for you. By doing research, I found the best apps in industry to manage our blogs with ease.

1. Google Docs 

Google Docs is one of the best Android applications to write articles for our blog. Google Docs is offered by the company Google and it stores your data directly into your Google drive account. To access Google docs just we have to do only our Gmail account, simply signing into Google docs we can access docs to write articles and store it into the drive.

2. WordPress

But price is the Android application which is developed by automatic Inc, this application is based on WordPress that means with this website we can create a blog and write articles to our site or It has lots of customisation options to write articles in an optimised way. With wordpress application we can also write articles not only for articles we can customize our wordpress site.

3. Blogger App By Google

Blogger app is an amazing application who has a blog on, with its app we can manage Blogger blog simply like writing articles, posting images, sharing links and more. Recently the blogger app is getting updates by Google, and increasing its features for every Update. 

4. Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best app for Bloggers who want to check their blogs traffic, source of traffic, how much traffic is getting daily, monthly, etc..  , also you can filter settings to get more accurate results. So coming to google Analytics, it is the most important tool for every blogger, it is the most important tool to check traffic of our blog regularly. 

The conclusion

So, the most important apps and top most best apps I have shared with you, these are the apps make our blogging life easier. You can get those apps by going to playstore and type the app name to get it for your Smartphone. We will test more apps and give an update to this post by adding more apps to get your blogging life easier. So get enjoy by using these apps in your Smartphone. 

If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us , we will reply you as soon as possible. Please share this article " Best apps for Bloggers " on your social media accounts. 

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