The list of the characteristics of a computer

As you might know, in today's world the use of computers is very much as you can see this computer ka everywhere like in our home, office, automobiles, appliances, and everywhere. The list we can't imagine Here let us discuss the list of the characteristics of a computer which makes our life and it is a part of our lives.alert-warning

Characteristics of a computer

1. Speed

The computer is a very fast electronic device. It can perform tasks at a very high speed. The computer receives input data and processes and gives output information in a few seconds sometimes in minutes but gives you accurate results. The same work with a human being is sometimes some of the critical problems may it impossible but. Computers give you in a few seconds. Also some tasks, humans do that in a month or year but computers do at very fast. left sidebar

2. Accuracy

When it comes to the Accuracy, a computer is a very accurate machine. Accuracy of a computer is consistently high and it depends upon its design. However sometimes errors can be occured to  the incorrect data inputted by the programmer or user.

3. Automatic

Computer is an automated electronic device, as we know that a working machine works without human intervention is known as it is an automated device. Computer is an automated device because if the computer starts a task, it stops when the task finishes. 

4. Diligence

The diligence of a computer is unlike human beings, it is free from tiredness, monotony and lack of concentration. The computer can work for hours without generating any errors continuously.

5. It has No I.Q.

The computer is an automated device, it is very fast and gives very accurate results. However it does not poccesses no intelligence as of its own.

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