gb whatsapp features
gb whatsapp features
If you are searching for GB WhatsaApp features, then you are at the right place. Here in this article we are going to know what are the awesome GB What features that a few one knows.

As per earlier Record's, WhatsApp is one of the most popular Instant messaging application for Android, ios, and other OS's. Almost in 21 century, WhatsApp ha s 5 billion user and according to reports 1.5 billion active users.When we bought a new phone, we compulsory install an application is nothing but WhatsApp.

The Best GB WhatsApp Features That you must know

In earlier posts we have shared an article about GB WhatsaApp and it's installation guide along with its download link. In Today's article, here am sharing with you all about most liked and interesting Awesome GB WhatsApp features and become in list of one of few members.

Before we are going to know what are the interesting features include on Gb WhatsApp and are not offered in offical one. As some people are new to here, also they don't know what is GB WhatsApp and what are the GB WhatsApp features list. So in this article I share you almost full information on Gb WhatsApp features that might you like.

Gb WhatsaApp features are almost wonderful and it was the most popular mod in WhatsApp. In modern days most of the active WhatsApp users choose to prefer Mods, because of GB WhatsApp features, it's privacy options, customisation, themes availability, enhanced performance and most important one is you can use GB WhatsApp along with WhatsApp in the same device.

Details Regarding GB WhatsApp features list

Gb WhatsApp features made most of users to use GB WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp which is official one. One who uses GB WhatsApp he feels very happy because of Its It's awesome GB WhatsApp features. In this article we provide you all GB WhatsApp features list with detailed explanation.

Gb WhatsaApp Apk and Download Link

Here we providing you a direct download link for GB WhatsApp and after this we provide GB WhatsApp features. So let's ready to download and read this full article on Gb WhatsApp features at GB Mods.

Gb WhatsaApp Apk 

App Name : GB WhatsaApp
App size :
File Format : .Apk
Last Updated : 1day Ago
Min Android : 4.2 +
Root Required : No
Topic : GB WhatsApp features

Most Popular Gb WhatsaApp Features

Gb WhatsaApp privacy Features :

As mentioned above, GB WhatsaApp has more popular features that any mod can't give you. However at here we are going to tell you what Features are offered by GB WhatsApp.

In Category of Privacy Features, GB WhatsaApp has awesome features like Hiding Last seen, Hide Blue ticks, hide second tick, and more. Those we can discuss briefly.

Hide Last Seen :
By this GB WhatsApp features, you can hide your last seen and nobody can see you.
Hide Blue ticks :
By using this feature, you can hide Blue ticks to your friends, they can't know whether you read message or not. After enabling this GB Wa Features, your friends can't know is the message read by you or not. But still you can see their blue ticks. Yo WhatsApp also offering same features like GB WhatsApp, so you can read that Article from here and click on Download Yo WhatsApp Latest Version.
Hide Writing / Recording Status :
Ofcourse Gb WhatsaApp features are very cool, by this, you can hide your writing status (Typing) and Recording status. Your friends can't find that is it you are Typing or not ?
Message to any Number without saving :
This feature is also one of the part of GB WhatsApp features. Gb WhatsaApp offers you to send any text messages, videos, images, Apk file or any other files without saving him in contacts. At calls section, you can directly enter that person number and chat with them and you can also call them whether it is voice or video call.
Gb WhatsaApp Features offers you to send unlimited files
Also by this feature, users can send 90 images at once instead of 10 images. It also by this , you can send videos without limit by means you can send videos size upto 3gb Instead of 16 mb.

More GB WhatsApp features list :

  • Ability to hide last seen
  • Ability to hide blue ticks
  • Ability to hide second tick
  • Ability to hide writing status
  • Ability to hide recording status
  • Ability to send images upto 90 instead of 10
  • Ability to send videos upto 50mb instead of 16 mb
  • Increased pin chats limit upto 30
  • Sort WhatsApp Messages with oldest or newest
  • Option to set custom media player
  • Auto reply
  • DND Mode
  • Anti Revoke
  • Ability to send 100 documents at once
  • New Emojis are added
  • Ability to translate massages
  • Ability to copy others status
  • Ability to change themes
  • Ability to send messages without saving contact
  • Ability to change home screen icons
  • Ability to change notification icons
  • New ticks styles are available
  • Always online feature is available
  • And More and more.

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