What is Computer? A detailed explanation 

What is computer :

Computer is an electronic device which manipulates data according to the list of instructions.

As we all know that computers are a part of our life, we can use these computers in many places like in the work, used to learn, used to play games, used to capture photos, used to know the time. So that is the reason to use these computers. We can't live without a computer in today's world. The computer means not only laptops, desktop, or PC's but also Smartphones, watches, and more.

We can't live in this world without the advent of these computers. A device which depends on a computer, information produced in the format of word, image, video, time and more are only possible with only the advent of computers.

Power of a computer

As you might know that computers are devices, here you will learn a computer is a powerful tool, the way we use it. It gives you the most accurate results and gives results very fast. It also holds a huge amount of data in the memory , and also produces you very fast, simple and accurate results.

Explanation of Computers

Computer is an electronic modern device that accepts data and processes by the list of instructions we can also call a program and produce output information. 

Parts of Computers

Computer is the system is a combination of hardware and software, these are used to process and store data according to a set of instructions. Here, Software refers to a set of instructions (it is a computer program) written in coding to perform a particular task by the computer. Hardware refers to the physical comments. Here a monitor, mouse, keyboard, harddisk, ram, rom, etc are called as hardware components.

The word computer is derived from the word "COMPUTE". 

Capabilities of a computer

  • It performs computations with most accuracy
  • It performs tasks at high speed
  • It receives data produce useful information
  • Execute a set of program statements in order wise.
  • It communicates with other devices
  • It supports own decisions using logical rules

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