What is a blog ? How to Create a blog ?

So, you are here to know what is blogging and how to blog, don't worry, here in this subject I will share my knowledge with you. So, please read this whole article without skipping any topic. Because I am going to tell you the complete information regarding the blog.

What is blog
Guide to blogging

What is a Blog ?

A blog is the word that came from a web log. You might don't know that a blog is also a webpage but it is ordered in reverse chronological order. That means suppose, if you see a blog like this - www.gbmods.xyz  may you get an idea. Do you have any ideas? Don't worry, i am here for you. I will explain it. If you navigate to our home page, where you can see my blog posts. Those posts are ordered in reverse chronological order, which means if I write a new post, it will appear at the top of all posts and the previous posts are gone to 2nd, 3rd, … positions.

What is a Blog post ?

A blog post means it is the content that you want to publish and share your knowledge with others over the world. If you have a grip on some topics and you want to share your knowledge with others and want some decent money from those blog posts, then you are at the right place. To share your knowledge with topics wise, you have to create blog posts and publish them to share your thoughts and experience and something that is useful to others.

How to create a blog ?

Yes, now you want to create a blog for your content, and now you are thinking of sharing your knowledge or experience with your readers. Here I will tell you on how to create a blog. 

There are lots of ways available to create a blog for your content. But most of the people prefer a content management system (CMS) to create a Blog. In that category, there are two most popular tools available. Those are Blogger and wordpress. You can use any to create your first blog. But I recommend you to create your first blog using blogger, because it is Google's own product, and it is for free.

How to create a blog using blogger ?

To create your first blog using blogger, you can follow these below steps then you will. Create a blog for your content.

  • Firstly, goto www.blogger.com

  • Now, you have to sign in into the blogger with your gmail id 

  • Now you have given a Name for your account. The Name means, your Name

  • Now in the next step, click on create a new blog

  • Now, Give a Name and address for your blog

Name : A name for your blog

Address : the url that you want to use like www.google.com 

  • Now select the theme(it is a design for your blog) for the blog

  • Now click on create Blog

  • That's it. Now you have successfully created your blog on blogger.com


I hope you guys like this article, I will share other tutorials with you in other blog posts. To know the complete blogging tutorial follow this blog.

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